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sierra load data 9mm 0 1 VV replaced with Ref. This load data is sourced from prominent sources and seasoned reloaders. 1. 38 Sp. I picked up 1000 Sig v crown bullets . Jul 19 2016 Alliant Blue Dot flake powder is good for heavier 9mm loads. networkguru. In recent months Sierra has unveiled four very serious ultra high BC MatchKing bullets in . 9. 355 diameter. Jan 21 2020 I buy new brass cased 9mm for around 17 18 cents a round. Find the caliber of bullet you need to make your ammo right at home. I did everything by the book. 45 . An idiot and his reloading press We re proud to introduce the Arm or Ally 9mm 115gr RN bullets. and 1. We are the largest provider of all brands of bulk bullets because we offer great service and cheap prices. 355 Inches We have several varieties of reloading bullets to choose from including Barnes Hornady Nosler Sierra and Speer. Huge bonus in the fact you can add load data to the 3 ring nbsp We offer new reloading data for the following calibers 9mm Luger 9x19mm with and including new bullets from Berger SIG Sauer Speer Berry 39 s Sierra and nbsp 19 Dec 2018 Ammo reloading is a great way to save money and get custom ammo that takes your shooting to the next level. It is a straight walled slightly tapered case which headspaces off of the case mouth. We are part of the competitive and recreational reloading enthusiasts family and we are proud of supporting several events and athletes. I buy the Hodgdon Annual Reloading Manual every year amp it 39 s 8 well spent. 30 06 Springfield new 150 gr Hornady bullet. A great run and gun low recoil minute of steel plate A zone cartridge. 355 115 GR 100Box. Hazmat N Dec 26 2008 Reloading 9mm LUGER with 115 SIERRA JHP and Herco Discussion in 39 The Powder Keg 39 started by gashog Dec 22 2008. I would appreciate it you guys could post your most accurate 9mm loads. 54 0 Speer Reloading 9mm . I am very happy with Lee products and have switched all of my loading dies to Lee dies. The Sierra 65 grain needs a faster twist rate The distance traveled in the barrel in which the bullet makes a complete revolution than the original 55 grain bullet to obtain maximum stability so a 1 9 twist rate or faster is recommended one complete revolution for every 9 inches of travel within the barrel . 574. This is a popular self defense bullet used for home defense and personal protection. Dec 19 2018 Accurate Reloading Powders Load Data. im starting out at 4gr of hp 38i beleive this bullet The data shown here is slightly modified load data from Hodgdon 39 s Load Data Center. 6 5 Creedmoor new 130 gr Bergers new 143 gr Hornady new loads for 130 gr Scirocco and 144 gr Lapua bullet. I typically use 3 different expander balls for reloading the 9mm. Velocity. 355 Caliber Bullets can be used to reload 380 ACP 9mm Luger 357 Sig and other cartridges using a . 30 caliber ammo. 040 and its still hitting the rifling in my glock and xdm barrel. The 9x19 is also commonly referred to as the 9mm Luger or 9mm Parabellum. Berrys Reloading Bullets 14 Products Filter By . 1 to 5. The listing is for 9MM . 4 as max with 124 125 FMJ JHP or 130 FMJ. The classic 115 gr unique load is 6 grains so I am surprised that they now say that is over max. 308 168 gr. 455 quot 11. 355 quot 9mm jacketed or lead in diameter. Ammo Reloading Whether you 39 re a beginner expert or just enjoy the hobby Palmetto State Armory has everything you need for ammo reloading. I 39 m NOT a big fan of blue dot in the 9mm the minimum caliber I like it for is 40S amp W. 00 ADDRESS PHONE FAX NUMBERS Pats Reloading LLC Brian McDonald 74880 Johnson Run Rd. RELOADING MANUAL 5TH EDITION Test Specifications Components Firearm Used Savage 12VSS Barrel Length 26 quot Twist 1 x 10 quot Case Federal Trim to Length 2. HPBT Match Box of 500 Diameter inches . Shop Nosler Products. overall cartridge lengths for this cartridge are 1. 424 between 2100 and 1600 fps . 355 125 gr JHP Sports Master 100 Box 25. 380 ACP . This data called for a 6. 357 quot . RH45 Apr 24 2010. Speer Bullets Vihtavouri. Using bullets from . 36 Bullet Hornady 45160 XTP 45 Caliber . Rating 100 . Kimbolton Ohio 43749 Warehouse 9AM 8PM 330 833 4360 I will be answering the phones all day to make sure everyone gets a chance. Never load in haste. 161 1435 165. 050 quot range. Jan 04 2013 I have not loaded a lot of 9mm before now. 9mm True Blue load start. It is . 380 auto This is a discussion on Is the Hornady 9mm XTP ok to reload for . 397. Start low obviously once you get good reliablility and accuracy stop. FTX Handgun Additional Data Sources Obsolete reloading data. 2. Thank you for your patience. Free pistol reloading data and free reloading recipes for pistol ammunition. 451 230 GR Hollow Point 100 Box 34. That part I understand now. 0grs AA 5 for 115gr Sierra JHP. World class accuracy and unmatched reliability on game are just two of the To maximize performance the ballistics experts at Hodgdon Powder Co. Reloading 9mm Luger on a single stage press Duration 1 25 23. 169 inches Maximum Case Length . Find what you need in four easy steps. Shooting isn t a hobby. None RMR In House Giftcards Apparel amp Swag. 3. 050 quot and this should work in your Shield. Accurate Nitro 100 NF 115 gr. JIUJITSU2000 136 994 views. Rifle handgun muzzleloader bullets and shot available in bulk. My Reloading Setup for 9mm Luger 100 Space 9MM . Wholesale Hunter offers a wide selection from the top manufacturers including Hornady Barnes Bullets Sierra Nosler CCI and many more. com sierra 5th edition 9mm 125gr JHP RN Bullets 9mm 125gr JHP Bullets . 060 and i already at 1. Cases for Reloading Pistol Cases . 69 0. 40 caliber 10mm 400 dia 40 Smith amp Wesson 155 40 Smith amp Wesson 165 40 Smith amp Wesson 180 10mm Auto 155 10mm Auto 165 10mm Auto 180. I tried my hand at loading a some 9mm rounds using Shell Shock NAS3 cases Federal 200M primers Alliant Power Pistol powder and Zero 147 HP bullets at 1. 355 124 gr Gold Dot HP 100 Box 100pcs 44 Cal . M. 380 Auto . please post coal also thanks i was thinking 1. Pistol Bullets. Vihtavuori 3N37 I need powder recommedations for 9mm which is what I 39 m going to load next. Volume 10 Number 1 Load data should be adjusted because of seating depth and Both were shooting the Product Number 8125. 355 9 mm 0. 355 . In 1904 the German Navy brought out the 9x19 better known as the 9mm. 355 quot 125 gr FMJ 100 ct Sierra SI8120. Patsreloading. 7 Alliant Powder BE 86 Alliant Powder Blue Dot Alliant Powder Bullseye Alliant Powder Herco Alliant Powder Unique Hodgdon 700 X Hodgdon 800 X Hodgdon CFE Pistol Hodgdon Clays Hodgdon HP 38 Hodgdon HS 6 Hodgdon Lil 39 Gun Hodgdon Longshot Hodgdon Titegroup Hodgdon Titewad Hodgdon Universal Improved Military Rifle IMR Target Improved Military Rifle PB A database of 9mm handloads. The Guns and Shooting Online Reloading Page with extensive and detailed information for handloaders. 4515 inch bull 300 PRC 178 250 gr. 2 are just about the maximum in current data for Accurate powders in magnum calibers. JHP with American Select Powder 4. 308 and . 8 Hornady 4 says 4. A careless mistake can be serious. 9mm Luger 9mm Parabellum in a carbine using Sierra bullets Warning These loads were shot by Brian Pearce of Wolfe Publishing Co. 38 . Sep 16 2014 The Sierra 9mm 115gr jhp bullet has more of a truncated cone type shape and you need to use a shorter OAL than you do with a bullet more similar to the typical round nose. These include 90 124 and 125 grain . 405 1600 fps and There is a large amount of load data for this powder. com Hornady Accura Speer Berry 39 s Sierra Nosler Barnes Remington and many more brands available. Commonly called bullet tips or projectile tips and are just one component of what is needed for reloading bullets ammuniti Dec 18 2018 While this powder is supposed to be ideal for 9mm . 224 64gr BULLET 9mm 38 Super 380 Auto . 356 9mm 115 Grain Hybrid Hollow Point 1000 ct. It also reduces smoke production when fired as well as wax gumming of your reloading components. 462 2600 fps and above . 40 S amp W. HP XTP bullets up to this point but I picked up 1000 Sierra 9mm 115gr JHP at my shooting range for 130 a stellar deal I think. Jul 26 2017 V Crown bullets are made by Sierra for SIG s defensive ammo and some versions for common semi automatic pistol cartridges have now been made available for handloaders. 4515 Showing all 19 results. com Comparison shop for in stock ammunition guns mags and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place AmmoSeek. 2 Accurate No. One is with a Zero 125 grain . Product Info for Sierra V Crown 90 gr. s specific to Eggleston Munitions bullets. Insuring nbsp 3 Nov 2018 The Reloaders Network focuses on firearms shooting sports reloading bullet casting and the related gear and accessories. 45 . 355 inch Maximum COAL 1. FTX Rifle 41 Remington Magnum 190 gr. While reliable and positive feeding characteristics were the main objectives traditional Sierra accuracy has also been maintained. 99 Oct 18 2018 Hornady has load data for the . bmp. The standard NATO load uses a 124 grain FMJ bullet. 224 quot 55 gr SP CANN 100 ct Bagged Berry 39 s Preferred Plated Pistol Bullets 9mm . 8 23. Whether you want to reload your own ammo for competitive or recreational purposes we have a vast selection of reloading data to find that perfect pistol load. Great articles amp in the 2015 edition they had an article titled quot Loading the 9mm Luger for Accuracy. Speer 12 says 5. C. Ramshot even lists P loads for it. 138. 115 Grain 124 Grain 147 Grain. Last up is load data from Accurate Reloading Powders but there s really not much to say about it. PRODUCT RECALL. 355 Diameter 125gr Jacketed Hollow Point Projectiles 250 ct Factory New Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges . When professionals who put their life on the line every day trust Gold Dot you know it s the best. The current Lyman manual 49th Edition does not have load data for anything heavier than 147 grains but older manuals do. 45 caliber . 40 S amp W . 45 Colt . I used Jul 31 2019 Sierra Bullets has recently released load data for the 6mm Creedmoor cartridge a necked down version of the 6. Anyone have any suggestions Mar 15 2011 However I getting frustrated. 355 90 Gr. Just let me know if you want something different and I will make it available for you. 32 ACP . 380 Auto 100grn SVC RN C 3. 355 125gr for my 9mm Sig Sauer x five. 44 cal . 355 diameter 95 115 and 125 grain . Sierra 9mm. Save yourself a lot of trouble and load FMJ for practice. Please check back often as I upload new calibers and update pistol load data on a regular basis. They would both shoot 1 quot groups at 50yds. Cartridge Information. 356 Caliber Bullets can be used to reload 9mm luger 380 ACP 357 sig and other cartridges using a 9 mm . The main design criterion for these bullets was reliable feeding in semi auto handguns and they achieve that to perfection. 357 Mag. And just last week Sierra has released initial load data for these four new projectiles. 355 quot 125 gr 100 9MM 125 GR He told me that I can use any load data for flat nose jacketed or JHP for my 125 Gr. Alliant Powder Reloading and Reloading Data Shotgun matchking 22 caliber 0. 25 per bullet Our Price From home defense to target shooting to hunting stock up on the supplies you need to manufacture your own ammunition with reloading bullets. 20. 7 Grains Powder and 115G 4. 357 . 41 caliber 410 dia 41 Remington Magnum Handgun 210. 224 quot hollow point boat tail bullets. 1 Sierra says 4. 9mm . RELOADING SAFETY Reloading ammunition is an enjoyable hobby and can be conducted safely if certain rules are followed 1. Sports Master 9mm Ammo. HP 38. Always double check load data incase something is typed incorrectly. Shirts. I loaded up 50 rounds at 4. 5. SIERRA BULLETS Reloading Manual Pre Order 50 Round Boxes Winchester 9mm Luger 124grain FMJ Ammunition 17. 31 Jul 2015 There simply isn 39 t much load data for the super heavy 9mm bullets. 9 gr. 356 quot 115 gr RN 1000 ct Reloading Dies for 9mm These dies are great and I would reccomend them to anyone needing a set of 9mm dies. 0. 169 according to the Lee manual but comparing it to some federal and fiocchi it seems way longer. Jan 02 2017 Reloading dies Not all of them are created equal. The development of this reloading manual app has brought exciting new changes. Titan Reloading offers Rifle and Pistol Bullets in Many Popular Calibers like Accura ACME Jacketed and Clearance Bullets. 00 9mm 147 Gr. Sierra Bullets Reloading Manual V6. The 115 grain 8110 bullets brings it 39 s excellent qualities to the larger 9mm cartridges such as the 9mm Luger 9x19 mm 9x21 mm 357 Sig and 38 Super. 9mm 10 rd Steel Blued 17. 22 . 355 diameter bullet. MPN 8115 UPC 092763081150. ALL THE LOAD DATA YOU 39 LL EVER NEED ALL IN ONE PLACE VISIT THE RDC. 16 quot barrels on both of them. Designed for small game hunting self defense home defense bullets are made to expand in diameter when shot from a handgun pistol or rifle to provide deep penetration and accuracy. 22. Sierra Bullets has been producing some of the most accurate bullets in the world since 1947. Product Description There are many different 9mm cartridges in the world but not all of them use bullets of . Jun 29 2012 115 grn swc 9mm load data 115 unique loads 231 reload 9mm 9mm 115 gr load data 9mm 115 grain jhp load data with unique powder 9mm p load data 9mm self defense loads with xtp bullets and unique powder 9mm unique 115gr loads alliance unique loading man for 9mm 115gr jhp best 9mm loads for accuracy oal penn 9mm 115 grn swc pmm p loads The 125 grain 8120 bullet Sierra 39 s first 9mm FMJ was introduced in 1981. 55 Reloading supplies for sale that are in stock at Lucky Gunner Ammo today Featuring cheap primers brass and bullets for those who reload ammo. 355 Apr 27 2010 The two most accurate 9mm minor loads I 39 ve found for my pistols are both fueled by 4 grains of Titegroup. These bullets will give exceptional reliability and outstanding accuracy and have been chosen by champion shooters of 9mm handguns worldwide. 400 inch bullet and a 200 grain . The 9mm Luger aka 9mm Parabellum and 9x19 is used around the world for military law enforcement personal defense and sporting applications. new 55 gr Hornady new loads for 75 gr Hornady bullet. 355 and 9mm handgun rounds Shop our wide selection of bullets from brands you trust like Hornady Barnes Speer and more. 80 Sierra MatchKing . Powders include. 99 0. I used Sierra 115 gr. Ordnance Corps began look ing for a smaller cartridge to replace the 30 06 Springfield. 355 124 Grain HP XTP Bullets. 9 mm Luger new 115 gr Berry s 115 gr Barnes 125 gr Sierra bullet. 9mm Luger 124 Grain Load Data. We carry bullets from all the leading brands such as Sierra Bullets Hornady Winchester and Berger Bullets. These are new bullets reloading projectiles or Bullet Tips none have been pulled or reused. 501 quot 12. 0003 in maximum variation and their weight is held to within 0. 30 Caliber 7. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Reloading The 9 MM Luger WC WadCutter SWC Semi WadCutter HP Hollow Point RN Round Nose FMC Full Metal Case FMJ Full Metal Jacket JHP Jacketed Hollow Point and if GC indicated means Gas Check at bottom of lead bullet Loads for 9 MM Luger Note These are near maximum loads you should use 10 less to start. 358 quot bullets I use a lyman m die designed for the 38spl. Shop our great selection of reloading supplies amp equipment from top brands such as RCBS Hornady Lyman Nosler and Sierra for best deals on Brass Bullets Presses Dies Scales Ammo Boxes amp much more. ca. 135 for my 9mm using 115g FMJ RN as this was the OAL specified in my Sierra manual IIRC. 5 Creedmoor a popular PRS tactical and hunting cartridge. Looking to reload . JHP 100 box The Sierra 90 Grain 8100 was originally introduced in the hollow cavity JHC design in 1970 but the design was changed in 1983 to the current hollow point JHP to enhance feeding in semi automatic pistols. Load data definitely watered down especially the magnums. 9mm Parabellum data should be avoided. Bite the Bullet X offers several variations of bulk 9mm Ammo. networkguru Replies 4 Views 88 10 10 2020 8 42 PM 6. 147 Grain. That s pretty much an American standard for velocities. Midsouth offers some of the best prices on pistol bullets from great brands like Hornady Berger Nosler Sierra Berry 39 s and more Sierra Sports Master Bullets 9mm 355 Diameter 90 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Box of 100 Our price 24. 40 S amp W has 165 and 180 grain bullets nbsp Sierra Bullets has finally published reloading data for the popular 6mm Creedmoor which we all knew would come sooner than later and we 39 re glad its here. 2 load VV Min Load 34800 psi Load data for the . 356 caliber bullet. Use equipment as manufacturer recommends. I 39 ve spent the last month to two months in my free time reading about everything and anything I can find online watched tons of YouTube videos and read through the Lyman cast bullet and Lee reloading books the informative beginning chapters . If you consult the Hornady manual up to and including the 10th edition the overall lengths listed in the . I don 39 t want his load data. Favorite Pistol Load Data A Shooting Chrony Beta Master was used for testing. 308 calibers. 22 bullet Notify Me When Available Speer Reloading 9mm . Of the two guys I know who load 9mm one is running super high pressure compressed loads through a compensated 2011. Quantity in Box 100. I 39 ve taken a couple pic 39 s One shows my reloaded bullet at the min OAL 1. Sierra Tournament Master Handgun Bullets . This caliber is good self defense carry weapon back up weapon and home protection. 22 Caliber . 500 S amp W Magnum. 44 Remington Magnum . 451 . 380 ACP 9mm Kurz cartridge is more widely available that 9x18 Makarov data and may be used as a starting point for 9x18 Makarov loads. 355 Caliber Reloading Bullets . 355 Diameter Jacketed Hollow Point 100 Round Box. 8 gr. 355 115 Grain 8110 Ammo Freedom carries sierra reloading bullets and reloading supplies. Pistol and Handgun Reloading Data. This is not loaded ammunition. Energy. Powder left in the reloader 39 s powder measure hoppers for extended periods overnight or several days should be avoided. 264 6. Accurate s Complete Load Guide is more of a reloading manual in PDF form than a load data tool but that s not necessarily a problem. Don t miss a beat during this transition. 4295 diameter 220 and 250 grain and . Attached Files 9mmSierra. Sierra Bullets 9mm . 9MM Cal Projectiles . Manufactured in the United States from only the best raw materials the Arm or Ally 9mm 115gr is a high performance swaged lead core copper plated bullet which has been re struck as a final step to ensure a highly consistent and uniform 0. 227 The 1 source for all of your shooting amp reloading supply needs including brass bullets jackets primers and smokeless powder. 42. 29. Reloading Presses amp Press Kits 10 9mm . 86. 45 ACP . happen. Click on each Powder picture to see detailed explainations video load data shot groupings and more We tested over 30 powders that can be used for 9MM. 10mm Auto . 38 super jhp and the other is with the Hornady XTP I don 39 t remember if it 39 s 124 or 125 grain RH45 Apr 24 2010. JHP bullet with CFE Pistol. 4 grains in 6 and it was 6. 45 GAP Glock Automatic Pistol . 44 Special load using Oregon Trail s Lasercast 240 grainers for my Ruger GP100 with the Smith amp Wesson 629 in there so I could compare speed from a three inch barrel versus a five inch. 300 AAC Blackout caliber getting into more subsonic and heavier grain weight data two areas that are typically lacking for information. What I don 39 t understand is COL. Available in 1 lb. Brass Starline P 9mm Luger Bullet Sierra Sports Master . 357 Magnum . 224 . Advertise Here. com Customer service 5 RELOADING shopping cart 0 items 0. 38 Special I was in the process of developing a . Bullets intended for use in revolvers and rifles with tubular magazines have a cannelure to facilitate roll crimping. A. Is there reloading data available somewhere for Zero bullets Jul 31 2015 There simply isn 39 t much load data for the super heavy 9mm bullets. There is hardly any data available for less than 115 grain bullets and that is the weakness. 40 S amp W Magazines G23 . 308 175 HPBT 9mm Reloading 9mm Shooting and Applications by Bob Shell Tue September 20 2016. Diameter . JHP V Crown. 5 Grains Powder . ELD X 41 Remington Magnum 190 gr. The driving motivation for the design of each MatchKing bullet is accuracy. Read more Berrys . 447 between 2600 and 2100 fps . The European ammo runs a bit hotter at over 1200 FPS. 2 gr. The 7. 38 Automatic s maximum pressure limit. Getting ready to start loading 115 gr JHP 9mm Zero bullets. 355 115 GR Total Metal Jacket TMJ 100 Box. The line features a stacked hollow point bullet design with additional hollow point cavity. 355 quot . 38 amp . 5 Accurate No. . Berrys 15143 9mm . Sierra FMJ tournament master. 44 caliber 429 430 dia 44 S amp W Special 200 44 S amp W Special 240 LSWC 9mm Luger Parabellum Load Data. 356 quot Note H110 amp W296 are the same as of 2008 as is HP 38 amp W231 IMR 4227 is same as H 4227 if made in Australia 9mm 165gr RN Projectile 500ct Box 0. 9gr N340 3. 0 grains Winchester 231 825 849 FPS 0. 253 Ballistic Coefficients . Is load data interchangeable from my handgun to my rifle No. Dillon RL550C Dillon XL650 Dillon XL750 Dillon Super 1050 9mm 115gr RN Plated Bullets Version 2 . 8G. We now carry every bullet that they offer for resale. 50 AE 9mm Luger Parabellum 9x18mm Makarov Did my 1st 9mm reloading. 7mm 9mm . Sierra 9mm Bullet Load Data. Dec 21 2011 9mm Reloading Data posted in Gear I have some . 32 Auto . This video gives no insight into to the quot stopping power quot or quot safety quot of nbsp I have nearly other load book from the past 10 years and this is the first time picking up the Sierra. San Antonio Has anyone noticed the 9mm load data in the sierra manual 6 changed drastically from the previous manual. We are currently populating the cartridge drop down menu with updated cartridge renderings new propellants and bullets and links to complementary product pages. Jul 25 2020 Help with reloading v_crown 125gr 9mm. Sep 09 2018 WTS Sierra 9mm Makarov . At the lightest is a 90 grain Sierra jacketed hollowpoint JHP with a skived jacket. 357 Sig . Jan 06 2019 The 2 9mm PCC guns I 39 ve had liked 124gr bullets pushed kinda hard over 147s. Double check price quantity caliber at the vendor 39 s site before ordering. Most manuals stop at 147 grains though Hodgdon and Vihtavuori have data for 150 grain bullets. Some lead loads may be . Reloading Bullets For Sale. 9mm Luger Cartridge Information. I only have Bullseye powder right now due to the scarcity and cost when I do find it. 2gr Ramshot ZIP My 9mm AR loves this load Load Data. The information displayed on this site including ballistic data was derived from tightly controlled laboratory conditions. FPJ To view the 45 ACP Load Data Chart Tarr has to use a Colt King Cobra in . View list of retailers. My Sierra manual lists 5. You should Does my 9mm Makarov use the same bullets as a regular 9mm Luger I recently nbsp 3. Many Sierra V Crown 124 gr. Caliber 0. Don 39 t become distracted when you are handloading. 38 Super . 223 Rem. 38 Automatic and many of Lyman s starting loads for the . 355 90 gr. The 9990 was introduced in November 2015 and has a ballistic coefficient of . Due to increased demand our estimated shipping time is 15 20 days. 355 115 Oct 23 2010 Re 9mm Luger reloading I 39 d say try a little more powder but you are at max for the highest max I have. 3125 quot . 44 . 429 quot . 125 Gr. 355 quot 100 Box Speer Gold Dot 9mm 38 Auto 380 Cal 115 Gr. 22 cal . 30 Jan 2010 Sierra loads them short here is the 115gr load data from the 3rd edition as published in my load book. Trying to find additional Load Data for 9mm 115 FMJ RN and W231. 094 at 1200 fps and above. The S. Product Description. If you are looking for information on reloading the German 9mm Luger or Parabellum then you have to look no more I too just got started reloading and ran into the same confusion on varying OALs from different manuals. Here at Palmetto State Armory we offer a wide selection of Bullets from top brands such as Federal Hornady Nosler Sierra amp more. 27 Bullet Apr 02 2018 Reloading for Accuracy 9mm This is a discussion on Reloading for Accuracy 9mm within the Ammo and Reloading forums part of the Gun Forum category I got the best accuracy with 124 gr. 45 GAP Magazines G36 . True jacketed bullets not plated. 16 18. The ALLIANT RELOADER 39 S GUIDE says MIN OAL is 1. 0 in 9mm. 9gr VV 3N37 1. 308 Weight grains 168 Sectional Density . Bullets Powder Valley is your Reloading Superstore. These are three handloaded 9mm rounds I 39 ve had success with over the long term. 749 inch. Minimum Load. 355 quot 125 gr 100 Sierra V Crown Handgun Bullets 9mm . 0gr max load . and . 92 Jul 23 2019 Sierra 200 Gr. 137 between 900 and 1199 fps . 4gr Titegroup 4. MatchKing Bullets This is the classification for Sierra 39 s pre eminent target bullets. 40 quot 10mm . 355 124 gr Gold Dot HP 100 Box Shop Hinterland Outfitters for Sierra 8115 Tournament Master FMJ 9mm . Get all of your reloading supplies Media Blog Load Data Cartridge Information Nosler Catalog Reloading Guide 8 Newsletters Customer 9mm Luger. 355 quot 125 gr JHP 100 ct Sierra SI9925 9 mm 0. Sierra Bullets 8110. Mar 19 2010 Obviously there isn 39 t a lot of published load data for this bullet and weight but by reading around and interpolating I came up with a load of 3. 355 124 gr Gold Dot HP 100 Box 28. 5gr. Factor in the cost of the reloading gear and that I shoot about 2 3k 9mm a year that means it would take at least 3 years before I saw a savings. 6 in 5. Sierra V Crown Projectile 9990 9mm Caliber. 355 diameter bullet. 9mm JHP. Pick from a variety of sizes to fit virtually any firearm including . Product Manufacturer Sierra Bullets. Never take shortcuts. Becoming Graf amp Sons. 355 125 gr JHP Sports Master 100 Box 24. 355 Diameter Jacketed Hollow Point 100rd Box. RCBS Sierra bullets L. The various 115 grain JHP bullets are generally the top choice for civilian personal defense while the 124 grain bullets usually provide the best all around performance. Altho very accurate I think the load is too hot. 6. Unlike conventional FMJ bullets that leave lead exposed at the base Speer uses Uni Cor technology to completely encase the TMJ bullets lead core in a seamless jacket. 380 bullets but the diameter is exactly the same and there is quot some quot 90gr reload data for 9mm was hoping to find other data Feb 05 2018 New Official Load Data for Latest High BC Sierra MatchKings. Obsolete reloading data that has been retired from our Handbook of Cartridge Reloading is available. 38 Special . sierra bullets inc. NOTE the OAL as listed in the Sierra manual is 1. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. 451 quot . My book does not say if this is for a cast plated or jacketed bullets however. 9 mm Luger Manufacturer Loading Data. I know these particular bullets were sold as . 356 147gr Cast Bullets FP 46. RELOADING SUPPLIES POWDERS PRIMERS AND MORE. Forum Reviews Rules 90 and 95 grain jacketed load data is in Lyman Sierra Lee and Hodgdon Winchester. 222 . Sierra Bullets has partnered with SIG Sauer to bring you the ultimate defense. You may have to register before you can post click the register link above to proceed. Grain Weight 125. 380 auto within the Ammo Cache forums part of the General Category category I thought I may as well try reloading for my LCP so the reloading charts said to use a 9mm bullet. The Sierra reloading manual calls for a charge of 6 grain of power pistol for the 115 grain FMJ bullet. 169 max. Categories. 357 SIG . Nosler Reloading Machines. Source. On impact the quot Power Jacket quot expands uniformly along the serration lines for consistent weight retention and maximum energy transfer. What hasn t changed has been our focus on bullets. 0 to 3. Am I missing something or are you looking for a specific caliber Contact me and I will upload it. This is NOT loaded ammunition. If you 39 re unsure or just want options check as many boxes as you 39 d like. Dec 25 2008 21 Barfly wrote There are or at least were commercially available 90gr 9mm para rounds available. 077 in nbsp 3 Jul 2020 Vihtavuori has added new loads to the available reloading data with new bullets from Berger SIG Sauer Speer Berry 39 s Sierra and Hornady Sierra Bullets Reloading Manual V6. It 39 s an IPSC Power Factor requirement. 9 MM 124 GR. 2 to 5. 355 quot Rifle Bullets. quot They used the Nosler 124 gr. I finally went with 1. We ve launched a new site that makes it even easier to browse your favorite Speer products and buy them direct. 99 0. 401 45 Cal . Berrys . 2 also shows 6. O. Some of the minimum charges in this version 3. Reloading your own ammo can save you tons of dollars. Please nbsp 26 Jul 2017 Some calibers offer several bullet weights The 9mm Luger has 115 124 and 147 grain bullets the . 05 Out of stock. As long as it is the same type of bullet. Sierra 8115 Tournament Master. These brands include Barnes Berry s Berger Hornady Lapua Nosler Prvi Partizan Sierra Speer Swift Remington Winchester and Zero. Using RCBS Rockchucker and been reloading . Reloading Components Bullets. For a powder that was originally designed for Pistols there s to be very little data or no data available on for the 9mm 115 gr FMJ bullets. Read more. 25 bullet Notify Me When Available Speer Reloading 9mm . Email info reloadingunlimited. It has been modified to reflect the possible bullet sizing diameters and differing O. This is pretty easy since the load data for True Blue and Silhouette are very Sierra Reloading Bullets Sports Master Handgun JHP 9mm . Call 262. 62x39 data is only available from Sierra Nosler doesn 39 t publish anything And for those who don 39 t know load data supplied by different bullet manufacturers cannot be interchanged because among other things the bullets are shaped differently with different bearing surfaces copper alloy mixes etc. That 39 s why I want more load data and I came here and asked you guys. The Deadliest Mushroom in the Woods. Sierra. Be sure that the handgun cartridge for which you are loading uses . Attire. In short this product will allow you to enjoy cleaner reloading components cleaner hands cleaner guns and cleaner air. MatchKing bullet. More pistols are chambered today for 9mm bullets then any other caliber. S. 124 1200 fps above . Find X Reload 39 s selection of Bullets in our Reloading section. Sports Master bullets are primarily for hunting. Mt Accurate Data version 3. all of which go to different friction CFE Pistol provides optimum performance in cartridges like the 9mm Luger 38 Super 40 S amp W the 45 ACP and many more. 3 grain. 169 quot 58 10 9 10 92 58 52 73 6 10 9 10 3 96 64 1 0 92 84 61 71 65 60 81 76 8. 22 21. We carry a full range of reloading bullets and accessories from Sierra . 4515 diameter 185 200 and 230 grain. containers. Gun Marlin Model 9 Camp Carbine Barrel Length 16 1 2 inches Twist 1 10 inches Case Starline Primer Federal 100 Small Pistol Bullet Diameter . JHP Bullets Powder Bul Weight C. FMP Frontier CMJ 9mm 115gr RN. com They use a different bullet but you can still use the data because you always want to begin with a Start Charge and gradually work up from there as stated in the load manuals. Its cleaner more accurate and more consistent than any FMJ. 300 PRC 178 250 gr. 380 but I can make any caliber you want. We have all of your reloading components under one store. 45 ACP Magazines G37 . The load data I have for Hodgdon 39 s TiteGroup only show data for 95G 4. Like the others there are other good powders with similar characteristics that I use. SAAMI has established a maximum average operating pressure at 35 000 psi. 954 quot OAL Sierra Bullets. Over the years much has changed in the industry and in the marketplace. Powder Storage in Reloader Hoppers. IMG . 54 0. 14 May 2018 His load was the recommended starting load in the Sierra manual for that company 39 s 168 gr. If load data for your powder or bullet is not displayed here search for data that uses Cast Lead CL or Plated bullets For over 70 years Sierra Bullets has been dedicated to the manufacture of the most accurate bullets in the world. 454 LOS Rifle Bullets 22 Cal . I put 6. 356 dia 100G FMJ Bullets that I would like to load in 9MM Brass. May 30 2010 124 gr 9mm load data 124 gr 9mm reloading data 124 gr rn rainier 124 grain plates bullets 124gr 9mm bullets for reloading 7 5 g 115 gr hb rn tp berry s 9mm bullet tips rannier berry 9mm 124 gr fp load data berry 39 s 124gr 9mm load data berry 39 s bullets 9mm reloading data berrys 9mm 124 load data best 9mm loads load data for berry 39 s Sep 04 2019 I 39 ve decided to move from rifle reloading to now doing some pistol. 4gr blue dot max load of 8. 356 Caliber Reloading Bullets. 3 9x21 IPSC Loads List Compiled By Jeff Maass USPSA L 1192 Updated 5 April 2001 WHO BULLET POWDER OAL VEL PF NOTE S VihtaVuori 115gr Sierra JHP 7. The 115 grain 8115 was announced in 1984. Ships Priority Insured We have several varieties of reloading bullets to choose from including Barnes Hornady Nosler Sierra and Speer. 380 Reloading Tray These are 3D printed from a high quality PLA and are very sturdy. Requirements are cost first I want cheap and I need to make 1100FPS with a 115gr bullet. 1 25 23. I 39 ve loaded thousands of 9mm 147gr bullets over 3. 355 Diameter Jacketed Hollow Point 100 Round Box 9925 RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit Includes M500 Dec 27 2015 Sierra Whisky 523 views. Most manuals stop at 147 grains though Hodgdon and Vihtavuori have nbsp Answers to your hunting shooting bullet and reloading questions are just an email away at sierra sierrabullets. 9mm JHP Pistol Bullets 100 Count 35. 9mm Luger 9mm Parabellum in a carbine using Sierra bullets reloading data with 76 loads. Bullet Type FMJ. have developed a comprehensive Reloading Guide to provide handloaders with current data for Accurate Powders. Our load data is not P rated and does not exceed the parameters for standard 9mm Luger pressures. 9mm Luger 147 Grain Load Data. 45 ACP AUTO 45 ACP May 18 2015 For info on the SIERRA BULLETS reloading manual you can go to the link above. Find sierra reloading for sale online in stock and ready to ship. 45 using Speer Reloading Manual. See full list on gunloading. 355 quot 125 gr JHP 100 ct Sierra SI8125. Thanks DHan Oct 27 2016 Hi all So I 39 m just getting into reloading and I 39 m ready to load my first live round in 9mm . Always be on the lookout for signs of overpressure a blown up gun is a good sign you 39 ve gone too far. Sierra has released very comprehensive 6mm Creedmoor load data covering fifteen 15 different bullets from 55 to 110 grains. Charge. P65Warnings. 45 ACP Magazines G30 . S2200C Sierra Bullets 30cal . FMJ 115. 38 Super fit in this category as they are at or below the . 40 S amp W Magazines G35 . 140. Note With regard to posted reloading data mistakes typos etc. 356 . Bite the bullets 9mm caliber selection goes from 115gr FMJ 124gr FMJ 124gr HP 147gr FMJ and a eco frangible 9mm in two very light weights. SIERRA 9MM CAL . 0 5 Ratings Add your review Sierra Matchking 30 Cal . Therefore you ll want to be very careful about trimming the brass to proper length and leaving a good square case mouth. About the Sierra SportsMaster Reloading 9MM . Using bullets from Sierra JHP Sierra FMJ Sierra JHP or FMJ. These Sierra bullets in my option look very strange. 1 gr. WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Would it be better to use the data for the 95G or the 115G or possibly 4. 91. I am using Unique powder. 9mm Luger 40 S amp W 45 ACP Reloading Supplies Midwest Powders Reloading Pistol Powder Reloading Rifle Powder Reloading Shotshell Powder LOS Bullets LOS Pistol Bullets 9mm 380 Auto . 8. 429 quot 250 gr FPJ MATCH 100 ct. SI8125. If you find one that we don 39 t carry tell us we 39 ll add it. 12. We suggest seating on the higher end of this range provided that the longer rounds will function well in your particular firearm. Sierra 5th Edition Rifle amp Handgun Reloading Manual. Reloading Data 380 ACP Bullet. . 5gr of powder. 2 grain in and shot the 5 rounds. What started as a small dream has become a multi million dollar international business selling ammunition reloading supplies and accessories. 62 X 39 uses 322 to good effect. You won 39 t be disappointed. 5mm . Core Lokt Bullets. Jan 29 2010 Is the Hornady 9mm XTP ok to reload for . 30 Sep 21 2018 The 9mm uses standard. Sierra Bullets Handgun 9mm We offer a variety of manufacturers to ensure that when you buy reloading bullets you re buying the best on the market. 000 min. 9 grains. 327 Federal 10mm Auto . 2gr. He suggested I use the data on their site for the Sierra FMJ Okay so far Starting load at 3. 5 Grendel Load Data Thread. There is 90gr jacketed and 90gr XTP load data in my Lee reloading book. TOUGH ENOUGH FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT. Sierra FMJ and JHP. 45 ACP and . I 39 ve just reloaded some Hornady FMJ RN and Sierra FMJ both 115gr and confused about the OAL. Brass and bullets in bulk for sale with Priority Free Shipping. We are currently populating the cartridge drop down menu with updated cartridge renderings new propellants and bullets and links to complimentary product pages. 11bravo01 Page 2 3 11bravo01 Replies 9mm Luger 115 grain 9mm . I. Among the line of Sierra Tournament Master Handgun Bullets is a long list of options including 9mm . 355 inch bullets a 165 grain . 355 quot MAXIMUM S. I didnt want the shorter OAL as I didnt want an over pressure issue. com SIERRA 8125 POWER JACKET The 125 grain 8125 bullets brings it s excellent qualities to the larger 9mm cartridges such as the 9mm Luger 9 19 mm 9 21 mm 357 Sig and 38 Super. Powder. 355 inch diameter. 355 Diameter 90 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point V Crown 100 Count Sierra Bullets has partnered with SIG Sauer to bring you the ultimate defense bullet line delivering optimal weight retention and expansion at all effective distances combined with Sierra s world re PRICE 25. 109 between 1200 fps and 850 fps and a BC of . To maximize performance the ballistics experts at Hodgdon Powder Co. Free FedEx Option 0 Sierra GameKing 264 Cal 140 Grain Boat Tail Spitzer 100 Box 33. They are the 125 gr. Sierra 39 s Power Jacket with skives enhances expansion in varmints at handgun velocities. 20. 7gr 5. Visit our website now SIERRA 22 . This bullet is on the light side of the spectrum and as a result it will attain the highest velocities. Reloading Bullets. RELOADING SUPPLIES POWDERS PRIMERS AND MORE SNS 9mm . 106 at 850 fps and below 100 Count Per Box Note These are bullets which are intended to be used in conjunction with reloading. I believe the load data for Unique in my reference manual goes from 5. 0 gr. 356 124 GR HGRN TP 250. New bullets new cartridges and new powders make this manual a necessity in every reloader 39 s library. P. The bullet does have a crimp groove photos attached. Keep your powder reloading equipment and firearms secure from children 11. 355 125 GR 100 PACK. Wt. We 39 ve obtained nbsp 15 Dec 2016 Determining the COAL or cartridge over all length of a pistol or rifle round is a very important part of reloading your own ammunition. 9mm can be a snappy round so if you loading for kids I would recommend 115 grain bullets loaded to 9mm velocities of around 1135 1150 FPS. 308 168gr HPBT Match Box of 500 158. 106 at 850 fps and below according to published Sierra figures. Midsouth Shooters has been proud to offer a full selection of Sierra reloading bullets for over 30 years. someone please help me i bought some 125gr jhp sierra bullets and dont have very much data listed on this bullet for 9mm the lowest oal i can find is 1. com reloading data 9mm the firing line forums sierra bullets official site 9mm luger parabellum nosler amazon. Exercise care and common sense at all times. And worst case it might be about 6 or 7 years worth of shooting. Sierra Bullets. We carry a wide range of reloading bullets in many different calibers and grain weights. Inc. Bullets for Reloading. 355 quot nbsp 27 Apr 2019 Sierra does not publish a complete set of load data for all cartridges online you have to buy their book but they do publish some articles for nbsp 2 Feb 2013 Here we have Sierra 39 s 9mm 90gr JHP hand loaded by Ric at 1280 FPS. have developed a comprehensive Reloading Guide to provide handloaders with current data for Ramshot Powders. GunBot does not endorse any of the retailers or products listed. Maximum Load. 2 grains 1164fps 5. 355 . 125 with 4. These bullets have very thin jackets drawn to an exacting concentricity standard of 0. 750 Rocky Mountain Reloading True Blue Ramshot WIN nbsp I 39 m attempting to use some caution on my next 9mm loads. For comparison my 147 gr plated subsonic loads get 3. is 125 Gr. 124 Grain. 356 38 Cal . I 39 m trying a load of 5. Reloading Get the most performance from Federal components by using our carefully developed high performance reloading data. This information and data may vary considerably depending on many factors including the components used component assembly the type of firearm used reloading techniques safety precautions practiced etc. 363 100gr FPJ bullets 8210 If this is your first visit be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Showing 37 48 of 350 results. Our fast and easy to use online store will be back soon. When in doubt start with a reduced load and increase the powder charge only in the absence of excessive pressure signs. Powder Bul Weight C. data includes new A Tip Match load data 338 Lapua Mag 270 gr. 9 grains 1109fps 5. Whether you are looking for ammunition for your rifles or pistols you 39 ll be amazed at our selection. 6G median of the two Any advise would be greatly appreciated. AVAILABLE IN STORE ONLY. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes Accurate 5 135 gr. Made with remanufactured brass high quality components and fully automated state of the art machinery. 62mm . 32 ACP . 1 or 3. 00 Sierra Bullets Sports Master 9mm 115Gr . 355. 355 bullets generally from 100 to 147 grains in weight. SIERRA Oct 10 2020 9mm Luger 9x19 Parabellum ammo handgun AmmoSeek. 115 gr 9mm . 400 . 140 . 168 less than 900 fps Reloading Tools Data and Recipes for handgun and rifle. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes Hodgdon 296 125 gr. It s a lifestyle. GDHP Bullet. Near realtime tracking of who has ammo mags and reloading supplies in stock. Order at your own risk AR500 Armor Level III 10 quot x 12 quot Trauma Plates starting at 65. 0gr Power Pistol and just got back Sierra Bullets Sports Master 9MM 125Gr . Out of Stock. 2G 5. Since you are switching to a new bullet with a measurable length distance you should work from the bottom up anyway. Speer Bullets 3995 TMJ 9mm . 231. Bullets Reloading including Hornady Traditional Varmint Bullets . 6 max Sierra 9mm 115gr Full Metal Jacket Bullets 100 per box. These are excellent quality bullets and and a real value. 40 S amp W Magazines G20 10MM Magazines G29 10MM Magazines G40 10MM Magazines G21 . 102 Ballistic Coefficients. 9mm JHP Pistol Bullets 100 Count. For 9mm 115 gr using Unique the max is shown as 5. Sierra FMJ Any brand Small Pistol Details. 380 ACP . 358 40 Cal 10mm . 22 21. Select your cartridge type from the drop down list. 754 inch Trim to Length . 9mm Luger P. None of the accompanying data exceeds that limit. I have 2 reloading manuals Lyman and Hornady both the current versions. I seated it to 1. Manufacturer Sierra. From left to right the bullets used are Hornady 124 grain XTP Speer 124 grain Gold Dot Hollow Point and the Sierra 115 grain PJHP. wwpowder_recall promo. 115 Grain. 356 9mm 115 Grain Round Nose Bullets 250 or 1000 ct. 4295 quot Dia Sierra Sports Master 180gr. 0 of Rifle and Handgun Reloading Data. 99. 95 Sierra Bullets V Crown 9MM 125Gr . Calibers like 355 380 CALIBER 9MM About the Speer Gold Dot HP Reloading Bullet 3994 9mm 115Gr . com or by phone at 800. reloading data featuring the widest selection of reloading components 39 39 reloading data 380 auto 380 acp 9mm kurz lyman may 2nd 2018 380 auto 380 acp 9mm kurz lyman reloading handbook 49th edition reloading data with 98 loads using bullets from sierra jacketed hc cast lyman 356242 sized to 355 dia sierra fmj hornady jacketed hp xtp 39 Oct 19 2012 For 9mm . UPC 092763081204. As with all the loadbooks USA manuals they are by far the most detailed that money can buy. and 8 lb. Sierra Bullets has partnered with SIG Sauer to bring you the ultimate defense bullet line delivering optimal weight retention and expansion at all effective distances combined with Sierras world renowned accuracy. SVC Steel Valley Casting C Coated RN Round Nose CN Conical Nose WC Wad Cutter SWC Semi Wad Cutter. 45 GAP Magazines G39 Reloading gt Bullets gt 9mm Get FREE SHIPPING on all Footwear and Apparel orders over 100 SIERRA BULLETS FMJ 9 MM . Hodgdon Powder Co. 8819 to learn more. These are great reloading trays and better Sierra Bullets has partnered with SIG Sauer to bring you the ultimate defense bullet line delivering optimal weight retention and expansion at all effective distances combined with Sierra s world renowned accuracy. Sierra Bullets 164 Top Brass 3 Winchester 9mm Luger 125 amp 130 GR Sierra Data Edition V reloading data with 0 loads. Plus it 39 s just plain fun. 3grs 7. He was using 60. L. With long . bullet line delivering optimal weight retention and expansion at all effective distances combined with Sierra s world renowned accuracy. 410 quot . Whether you 39 re making bulk ammo for plinking creating the perfect training round or simply building the best ammunition for your needs Midsouth has the right pistol bullet for your reloading recipe. That s why we are currently reloading our wide selection of Federal merchandise with brand new hats shirts YETI products and much more. 109 between 1200 and 850 fps. Bunch of nbsp 9mm load data. O. DO NOT smoke eat or drink in your reloading area or while you are reloading 10. The rifle bullet descriptions in this section nbsp 22 Aug 2018 All Available GameChanger Load Data When it comes to the release of new projectiles reloading data can be difficult to find. 4. i just want a target load. 38 caliber . 25. 40 S amp W Magazines G27 . Complete Reloading Manual for the 9mm Luger. 600. WARNING. Dec 27 2017 Well there is not much extensive data for reloading either but Sierra Bullets is trying to help change that. 5 mm and . com Internet E Mail Patsreloading aol. Jul 16 2012 Where there is ONLY ONE load these are ALL MAXIMUM LOADS Start at 10 less and work up Bullet size is . while Wilt shoots a Smith amp Wesson M amp P9 M2. It is a place to teach nbsp RELOADING DATA CENTER. gov. 355 quot Diameter 90 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Sectional Density . 145 quot OAL. September 6th 2013 14 00 15 PM . Sep 17 2011 Im new to the forum and relatively new to reloading. Items you will need SAAMI 9mm Para 92 Luger That said Sierra typically runs there loads short in the 1. 19. SPEER 3995 BULL . 3 gr. Jun 23 2013 I have finally found some bullets. Dec 31 2015 Sierra V Crown 9mm 90 gr 9990 9mm . JHP V CROWN. 9mm Makarov 364 dia 9x18mm Makarov 95. It is often loaded to different pressure levels in military arms but in the U. 355 quot 125 gr 100 Sierra Sports Master Handgun Bullets . sierra sports master bullets 9mm 355 diameter 9 mm load data handloads. 355 9mm . Page 2 of 2 lt Prev 1 2. These bullets are effective in the varmint fields and have gained great favor with many law enforcement agencies. The 175 grain 30 caliber MatchKing 2275 was created to 80 grain sierra matchking load data 80 grain smk 80gr smk ar load data for nbsp Sierra Sports Master Bullets 9mm 355 Diameter 90 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Box of 100 We 39 re sorry we were unable to load data for this product. Add to Wishlist. 2. com. Hunting and target bullets for My favorite 9mm subsonic loads 147gr 3. 35 Save 22 26. 2gr Unique 115gr 4. 225 in. Get the most performance from Federal components by using our carefully developed high performance reloading data. 2gr of titegroup. hodgdon. G17 9MM Magazines G19 9MM Magazines G26 9MM Magazines G34 9MM Magazines G22 . 094 1200 fps and above a BC of . 2 Reviews Aug 17 2016 Reloading the 9mm is not a difficult proposition it s a relatively straightforward design. They are bullet components not ready to fire ammunition. Pistol Rifle Sierra CFE Pistol Hodgdon WIN 0. This 1152 page manual retains the popular three ring binder format and has been modernized with new cartridge information histories and reloading recommendations. This commitment to performance has established a Tradition of Precision for which we re known throughout the world. Pure lead is used for the core to give good penetration with excellent expansion. Regardless you should not see a huge difference in pressures with the SAAMI specs. 5 grains 1205fps Sierra Bullets has partnered with SIG Sauer to bring you the ultimate defense bullet line delivering optimal weight retention and expansion at all effective distances combined with Sierra s world renowned accuracy. com To order call 330 833 4360 Thanks Brian May 02 2013 Thank you for your responses and the snapshot of the load data is much appreciated To answer the questions posed 1. Since 2009 X Reload is commited to supply the best and most renowned brands of reloading equipment and accessories. 9200. SAFETY DATA SHEET 9mm bullets and 380 bullets for automatic pistols fit for close and long range both. If you are interested in the most recent data for cartridges and or bullet weights styles not listed on this page contact Barnes Consumer Service department to inquire about recommended loads and approximate timing for the data to be made available via email at customerservice barnesbullets. Wear safety glasses when reloading 9. The development of this reloading manual app has brought exciting new changes. In 1908 the rest of the German military started using the 9mm caliber. I 39 m using Bullseye powder at 4. Obey all laws and regulations regarding purchasing quantity and storage of powder s . 9mm Luger 115 Grain Load Data. Type. 7 grain charge of powder. With typical gov It completely encapsulates the lead bullet reducing human exposure and barrel fouling. They recently published updated and expanded data for the . 357 diameter 170 and 180 grain 44 caliber . Jul 31 2011 125gr lead bullet starting load of 7. Sierra has added a serrated quot Power Jacket quot on hollow cavity and hollow point bullets. 452 quot . Sierra reloading data for PDF download Hi I 39 ve put the Sierra data for some popular calibres as PDF docs in a shared dropbox folder if anyone wants it Apr 20 2010 I found a reloading forum and printed the data for this round. 45 ACP Magazines G38 . ALL Accurate No. 355 inch diameter bullets. 590 in. For more information go to www. 005 quot Primer Fed 210M Remarks Shortly after the end of World War I the U. 356 Bullets Without the bullet a round of ammunition isn 39 t finished. Also note the maximum load for TG is 4. 38 Automatic data are too short. We took guesses and worked up for loads below 115 grain bullets to learn about it. That means at most Ill save 8 cents a round or 80 per 1 000 rounds. Reloading bullets and brass for reloading at LuckyGunner. 5grs or w231 just nervous about overloading in small cartridge Apr 08 2016 The 30 30 with the Sierra 125 grain bullet works well with H 322. Sierra Bullets . 375 caliber 375 dia 375 Winchester Handgun 235. The best data I was able to get on the web is this . The expander dies they ship with them are nothing more than a jack of all trades and a master of none. 357 Magnum data go here Cartridge Loads Hodgdon Reloading Data Center data. 3G of Alliant Unique with a Berry 39 s plated bullet 124G FP. 7 to 5. This is a discussion on Help with reloading v_crown 125gr 9mm within the Ammo and Reloading forums part of the Gun Forum category Need a lot of help with this one. 224 55 Grain High Velocity Hollow Oct 06 2012 9mm 90gr amp 95gr Bullets Reloading Bench. 355 125gr JHP 250 ct. Oct 29 2012 i just started reloading 9mm in my progressive press i cant find any 9mm loads with w231 powder. Handgun calibers range from 7 MM TCU to the . To view this Reloading Guide in a PDF format click the red button below. Then select your bullet weight powder manufacturer and powder type. I found load data in my Lyman manual for a 125 gr JHP and I 39 m wondering if this should be the same. sierra load data 9mm