How to Get Facebook Full Site Desktop Version Easily

Facebook have made it so easy for us to find Facebook Full Site Desktop Version on any platform on any device. But some of the desktop version features are sprinkled on the mobile site or mobile applications. However we’re living in an advanced kind of gadgets world where it’s impossible, so there are ways to find the Facebook Full Site Desktop Version for Android and iOS devices or you might say Facebook Full website. Since the gadgets became increasingly more sophisticated it’s like you can do anything in your smartphone that you can do on your own PC. Social Networks have shifted our day to day life to a great extent. Facebook, Twitter, Google and far more sites have done so much to us. Check

In this informative article, I will guide you about process of getting Facebook Full Blog desktop version on your own Android and iOS Device.

Facebook Full Site Desktop Version

For android and ios for both it might be used.
There are two approaches to find Facebook Desktop website Android. Both are simple processes, just follow me carefully.

Method 1 – Using your Browser option

Many renowned browsers like UC browser and google chrome browsers possess native decision to enter the desktop edition of websites in their browser, but not all browsers have this option.

If you are using Google Chrome browser, then open it and begin the link provided below and click on the 3 dots on the right upper corner to discover the list of options and check the box saying”Request Desktop Website”. The page will reload and you will have the entire desktop version of Facebook.

If you are using UC browser do the same, then start the browser and then open the link provided below and click on the 3 lines in middle bottom tab to obtain the webpage, now slide left to have the settings page, now from there proceed to the webpage and click the option”Prefer desktop site” and return and reload to get the Facebook desktop version.

Connect to acquire in mobile browsers:

If you are using another browser or the native Android browser, then you have this option, but should you not then try downloading UC browser or google chrome browser to get the Facebook Full Site computer Desktop version login on your android mobile phone.

A great deal of people have reported that Google Chrome occasionally loads back the mobile version after access a new page in the desktop version open in the mobile browser, which can not be repaired by us. The programmers will need to add it as an option in the upcoming version of Google Chrome to continuously request desktop site when requested once in a tab. But this never happens in UC browser it works completely fine.

Again there are three ways to get Facebook Full Site desktop version on your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.. I have mentioned all of the 3 approaches below, so follow it carefully.

You may use the browser options to get access to Facebook Full Site desktop version iPhone. I’ve mentioned the comprehensive procedure.

Open the link provided under your safari browser which you could get as a native application on your iOS devices. Connect to begin:

If you are using iOS9, iOS10 or higher version on your device then click on the share button below in your browser and then click on the last button saying”Request Desktop Website”.

But should you not have chrome or UC browser then try the links provided below to receive the Facebook login complete version in your mobile browser as you mentioned previously for Android devices also.


There are normally many certifications on your browser to have authentication of those sites you see, so you can command them to have complete versions of any site that you see.

Have a backup of your documents and take a look. It will enable you to get full versions of each the websites you visit.

Note: Never enable the”Request desktop version” when you have got the URL”” which will take you to the iPad or Tablet version of Facebook that is just in zoom version of the facebook fundamental variant.

If you are using other operating system phones like windows, you might try the links provided above or search for the Request desktop option in your browser. There is nothing much we can give you a hand.

In case you face any problem or issue when attempting our methods for Facebook Desktop Version then just comment below we will help you.